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 Helping Boost the Bottom Line – Once Company at a Time

At World Multinational Corporations Consulting Group, LLC, we operate under the guiding principle that it is possible to maximize the bottom line for a company while maintaining good relations with staff and the general public.

A consulting company is only as effective as the people that work within it. Here is some information about our founder, Dr. Charles H. Yamessou.

Dr. Yamessou, President and CEO

Dr. Charles H. Yamessou Is a Consultant for International Companies & Businesses for the past three decades. He is the President and chief executive officer of World Multinational Corporations Consulting Group, LLC. Dr. Yamessou is versatile business professional with hands-on experience in sales, entrepreneurship, International Trade & Business, Global Market Strategies, and international businessman. When asked to sum up his job in a few words, Dr. Yamessou’s response is: “Whether you're a first time doing business or you have a complex business situation, we always have solution to fit your needs”. His educational background in Business Administration - International Business and Finance, Computer Information Systems, and Political Science - International Relations has given him a broad base from which to approach many topics. Dr. Yamessou lives in Atlanta, GA., and graduated from Argosy University with a Doctor of Business Administration (D.B.A.) in International Business, and is deeply involved in the community. Dr. Charles H. Yamessou has been a CEO of Balzac, INC. in Ivory Coast for three years 1991 to 1994, While in Africa; he founded and ran Agriculture and Forest Entrepreneur, Balzac, INC., in the Ivory Coast. Additionally, he worked with the Department of Agriculture and Forestry Manager, SCAF – INC., in the Ivory Coast. In the USA he also work for Sonh and Associate, Marietta, GA- USA 1995 to 2009, Co-Owner and Manager for MBH Systems, INC. (Computer Information Systems), Marietta, GA-USA 2000 to 2012, Independent Representative for World Financial Group, Norcross, GA-USA 2012 to 2015.

Education & Credentials

Doctor of Business Administration (DBA) – International Business, Argosy University, Atlanta, GA, 2015

Masters in Political Science (MPS) - International Relations, American Military University | American Public University, Manassas, VA - Expected Graduation 12/2015

Master Certificate in Business Management (MCBM) Redwood City, CA, 2015

Master of Business Administration (MBA) - Finance, Strayer University, Atlanta, GA, 2009

Graduate Certificate of Creating a Winning Strategy, Jack Welch Management Institute - Strayer University, Atlanta, GA – 2015

Graduate Certificate of Becoming a Leader, Jack Welch Management Institute - Strayer University, Atlanta, GA – 2015

Bachelor of Science - Computer Information Systems (BS-CIS), Strayer University, Atlanta, GA, 2008

Associate of Science - Computer Networking and Security (AS-CNS) High-Tech Institute, Atlanta, GA, 2005

Other Affiliations

  • Member of American Political Science Association (APSA)
  • Member of Association of Information Technology Professionals (AITP)
  • Member of American Finance Association (AFA)
  • Vice president of A.B.A.A in Atlanta (Georgia-USA) a (NGO) Non-governmental organization
  • Member of Cobb Strayer University Business Association (Georgia-USA)
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